​​​​​Self Pay

Spire Healthcare

Initial Consultation: £225

Follow up: £125

Leicester Fertility Centre (only self pay as insurance companies do not cover fertility treatment)

Initial Consultation: £200

Plan Treatment: £170

*** For both Spire and Leicester Fertility Centre Investigations and treatment have additional costs and you will be informed about them at your visit so that you can decide if you wish to proceed or not.

​​​​​Insurance Cover

​​​​​Miss Potdar is registered with the below insurers, if your insurance company is different you can inform Miss Potdar to register so that you can use your insurance.


  • Aviva

  • BUPA

  • Cigna

  • Healix Health Services

  • Vitality Health/Pru Health/Simply Health

  • WPA

Miss Potdar is 'Fee Assured' with the insurance companies and this means you will not be charged on top of the standard fees covered by your insurance company. However, if the terms of your policy includes an excess, you will be responsible personally to pay the charges not covered by your insurance company.

The Anaesthetists working routinely with Miss Potdar are fee assured and you will get the name of the Consultant Anaesthetist prior to the surgery.